A Court of Silver Fae: Silver Fae Book Four
A Court of Silver Fae: Silver Fae Book Four

A Court of Silver Fae: Silver Fae Book Four

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Silver Fae power stirs deep within my soul.That knowledge gives me hope.
Christian broke my heart but that doesn't mean I don't love him. Not that it makes a difference anyway. My time with him has come to an end. Now, Jovie dresses me up like a Silver Fae doll, and Grandmother parades me around like I'm one of her precious collectables. And what's this talk about a Silver Fae Court? There's mention of Shadow Fae Knights too. I'm not interested in either one.An Iron Cross keeps my Silver Fae nature suppressed, but I refuse to let it define me. In time, not even the Iron Cross will keep me down... I will have my revenge. Inspired by the Eastern Band of Cherokee legends, bestselling author KB Anne weaves a stunning, high-stakes tale of alliances and deceptions, characters who aren't what they seem, and secrets that could change everything in the urban fantasy Silver Fae trilogy.
Check out the new series for fans of Sarah J. Maas, Marie Lu, Twilight, Mortal Instruments, Leia Stone, Michelle Maddow, McKenzie Hunter, Jaymin Eve, and Chandelle LaVaun.
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