A Tea Witch's Grimoire: Magical recipes for your teatime
A Tea Witch's Grimoire: Magical recipes for your teatime

A Tea Witch's Grimoire: Magical recipes for your teatime

  • Harlow
  • S. M.
Publisher:S.M. Harlow
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About the simple pleasures and magic in this book...

THIS GRIMOIRE CONTAINS the sacred recipes that this humble tea witch holds true and dear. In the daily practice of the magical arts, the high activity of spirit that indulges in desire and enlightenment also seeks nourishment and comfort. By our hands, we create earthly substances of vast power, and by our hearts must tend to the fires of our soul.

Such bodies of herb brews, potions, spells, and magic act well to please and serve. Yet one must remember that these tools are but an extension of one's power to be incorporated into the larger acts of the imagination, and thus in the arcane arts. The Great Wisdom that may be sought within these pages is but the root that transforms a simple hand's gesture into a powerful tool that handles a teacup. It is the greatest of virtues to see the larger realm of magic within the homeliest of recipes.

And thus, shall witness that the spirit's wisdom is manifested within the artful use of tea magic.
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