Crystal Wisdom: Unearthing the Power of Gemstones for Positive Life Change PB
Crystal Wisdom: Unearthing the Power of Gemstones for Positive Life Change PB

Crystal Wisdom: Unearthing the Power of Gemstones for Positive Life Change PB

  • Marie
  • Shannon
Publisher:Modern Wisdom Press
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Access Your Inner Wisdom Through the Power of Crystals

If you're intrigued by the power of crystals and gemstones but still wonder how to use them for real life change, this book will show you how! Join author and certified professional gemologist Shannon Marie as she unveils, step by step, how to tap into your intuition and create a personal Crystal Wisdom practice to navigate life's challenges with more ease.

Whether you are brand new to gemstones and crystals or have been working with them for years, inside these pages you'll learn how to:

● Choose the crystals that will support you the most in your day-to-day life

● Shop confidently with insider knowledge on what to look for and what to avoid

● Design your own gemstone meditations to help you access your Inner Wisdom and overcome difficult emotions

● Respond mindfully and intentionally to daily life stressors

● Start using your crystal collection to cultivate more peace in your life

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