Crystals: Channel the Energy of Crystals for Spiritual Transformation
Crystals: Channel the Energy of Crystals for Spiritual Transformation

Crystals: Channel the Energy of Crystals for Spiritual Transformation

  • Kadlec
  • Sadie
Publisher:DK Publishing (Dorling Kindersley)
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Unlock the full potential of crystals and learn to harness their ancient power to bring balance, calm and positivity into your life.

This modern book about crystals will equip you with all you need to know about more than 200 crystals.

Perfect for Millennials, Gen Z and seasoned crystal users, this is the ultimate go-to guide for crystals! It includes:

- A guide to using crystals centered on mental wellbeing, self-care and positivity.
- A self-help tool encouraging readers to be more in tune with themselves, the world and people around them, promoting empathy, intuition and positive energy.
- A full directory of crystals, practical information about what they bring to your life, and how to use them on their own and in combination.
- How to source crystals ethically.
- A guide to choosing and caring for your crystals, and how to charge crystals using natural sources.

Harmonize and heal your body, spirit and mind with this lavishly illustrated crystal encyclopedia! Featuring layered profiles of 200 of the most important crystals, discover each stone's individual properties and find which one is right for you.

Learn how to harness their powers to cleanse the energy in your home, bring focus to your work and enhance connection in your relationships. Create stunning crystal grids with ease and invite crystals into your wellness practices -- meditation, yoga, massage and in the bath -- to bring a deeper layer of positive energy into your self-care.

This beautiful, practical crystal reference book will show you how to use crystals in the modern age and take charge of each day with intention.
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