Healin' Vibes
Healin' Vibes

Healin' Vibes

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Introducing a one-of-a-kind cannabis experience journal that will help you determine which strains / types / forms of cannabis work best for you.

Want to see inside the journal? Click on Look inside above the cover image to flip through the pages. If the option isn't there, you may need to switch to a desktop view rather than mobile.

Does oil help your pain? Does vaping a certain blend relieve your anxiety? Does smoking a certain strain help with muscle spasms? Track absolutely everything in this compact 6 x 9 journal and take control of your life (120 total entries).


Beginning of journal

★ My Health section (diagnoses, date of diagnosis, symptoms I'm hoping to relieve, treatment plan)

★ Current medications

★ Doctor / specialist information page

★ Summary page (enter your 1 - 5 star rating for each entry here)

★ Distributors (including detailed information, rating, and option to document as a favorite)


★ Date & Page number (for summary page)

★ Cannabis information (strain, distributor, price, total acquired, purchase date, notes, and distributor # - this number is used for documenting information on the distributor at the beginning of the journal)

★ Specific dosage instructions

★ Certificate of analysis - yes or no

★ Form, method of ingestion, type, and content section

★ Dose, time to take effect, duration of effect

★ Smell / taste

★ Relief section (rate from 1 - 5 on common reliefs such as pain, spasms, anxiety, stress, depression, insomnia, appetite, etc.)

★ Area to include other reliefs

★ Adverse effects section (rate from 1 - 5 on most common adverse effects: anxiety, dry mouth, munchies & fatigue)

★ Area to include other adverse effects

★ Notes section

★ My rating (1 - 5)

Additional information:

✓ 6 x 9 matte paperback (great compact size that can easily be taken to the doctor's office)

✓ Beautiful matte paperback

✓ 132 pages total - 120 pages of tracking

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