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Healing Burnout: A Journal to Find Peace and Purpose (Volume 8) (Everyday Inspiration Journals, 8)

Healing Burnout: A Journal to Find Peace and Purpose (Volume 8) (Everyday Inspiration Journals, 8)

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Healing Burnout: A Journal to Find Peace and Purpose (Volume 8) (Everyday Inspiration Journals, 8)

Charlene Rymsha LCSW
Publisher: Rock Point
September 2021

EAN: 9781631068188
ISBN: 1631068180

Synopsis: Burned out from today's always-on culture? This beautiful guided journal is designed to help you do the deep healing work necessary to get out of burnout and into a state of sustainable well-being.

Here, you can reflect on your experience with burnout, learn to better recognize it, and find ways to address it before it spins out of control. In these pages, you'll find:
  • Writing prompts to help you recognize and heal from burnout in your life
  • Exercises to explore mindfulness, emotions, and your personal values
  • A method to help you visualize what wellness looks like for you
  • A fill-in guide to help you maintain better wellness habits
With this lovely, full-color journal in hand, you'll be better equipped to build strong boundaries and live through stressful times with peace, equilibrium, and a mindful focus on the parts of your life you truly value.

Escape the burnout cycle and create a truly sustainable life.

The Everyday Inspiration Journals series has a guided journal for every self-improvement journey. Whatever your personal goal, whether it is to incorporate more positivity into your life, or to slow down and find calm, or to hone your spell-building craft, or something else, you will find in this series an elegant journal in which you can record your thoughts, aspirations, and progress. With a simple, easy-to-follow structure, each journal is filled with powerful prompts and helpful trackers to illuminate your way.

Also available from the series: Finding Gratitude: A Journal, Spellcraft, Be Happy: A Journal, Everyday Calm: A Journal, Self Care Journal, and Essential Dream Journal.
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