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Hearth and Home Witchcraft: Rituals and Recipes to Nourish Home and Spirit

Hearth and Home Witchcraft: Rituals and Recipes to Nourish Home and Spirit

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Hearth and Home Witchcraft: Rituals and Recipes to Nourish Home and Spirit

Jennie Blonde
Publisher: Weiser Books
September 2022

EAN: 9781578637737
ISBN: 1578637732


"Jennie's blend of witchcraft and hygge resonates so deeply with me. In Hearth and Home Witchcraft, Jennie's book is a joyful and supportive exploration of domestic witchcraft. Nourishment and comfort are important themes here, as is accessibility; you don't need a background in magick to start exploring hearth-craft." --Arin Murphy-Hiscock, author of The Green Witch, The House Witch, and other books

For author Jennie Blonde, witchcraft is, in and of itself, comforting. Sure, there are not-so-comfortable parts as well--working with the shadow, coming face to face with that which holds you back. Jennie's witchcraft is about connecting with the magic of nature, your higher self, and something beyond--a deity, deities, Spirit, the universe--and being comfortable with your true self in all aspects of your life.

"In times of anxiety," Jennie writes, "I turn to my practice. When I need a moment of calm and reflection, I retreat to my sacred space for quiet meditation, pulling tarot cards, and journaling to nourish my soul. When I want to nourish my family, I turn to my garden and herbs and cauldron (my stockpot) for a bit of kitchen witchery. When I wish to nourish my body, I turn to mindful movement, self-care rituals, and spell work. And throughout the day, every day, there are small rituals I perform to keep me connected to my practice. It's all of those things together that are the heart of my craft."

Hearth and Home Witchcraft explores the following topics:
  • rituals for protection and cleansing the hearth and home
  • kitchen witchery, creating a kitchen altar, and recipes and rituals for nourishment
  • the witch's altar, tools, and spells, and creating a sacred space, no matter the size of the home
  • herbs and plants, grounding rituals, and meditations to connect you with the earth
  • witchy self-care, complete with rituals and recipes for ritual bath salts, oils, balms, and more

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