Hoodoo Spellbook: 2 BOOKS IN 1 Your Guide To Learn Hoodoo Herbal & Candle Magic For Casting Working Spells With Herbs, Roots And Candles
Hoodoo Spellbook: 2 BOOKS IN 1 Your Guide To Learn Hoodoo Herbal & Candle Magic For Casting Working Spells With Herbs, Roots And Candles

Hoodoo Spellbook: 2 BOOKS IN 1 Your Guide To Learn Hoodoo Herbal & Candle Magic For Casting Working Spells With Herbs, Roots And Candles

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Are you ready to learn powerful candle and herbal spells while discovering your true inner power?

In Hoodoo folk tradition, candles are one of the tools most often used to cast spells and observe rituals. Candle magic may be one of the oldest forms of magic in existence. The use of this magical tool combined with a knowledge of the natural world makes up a huge part of the magical skills you need to affect reality and get everything you desire...

But is it possible to tap into this immense power and learn to govern herbs and candles' magical properties?

In this 2-in-1 bundle guide, you'll find everything you need to get it done sooner than you could have imagined. If you've ever been curious about what spells are or how to work with magic, this guide will show you how herbs and candles can unlock the spiritual world's potential to use in your magical journey. Here's what you will find in this revealing collection:

✓ BOOK 1: HOODOO HERBAL MAGIC - A revealing introductory guide to discover the characteristics of herbs, find out how to use them, and cast powerful natural magic spells

  • Dozens of herbal profiles to uncover the meanings, effects, and magical correspondences of the most effective common herbs
  • Step-by-step procedures for getting what you want out of every aspect of your life: from luck to love, passing on money and respect
  • Traditional magical techniques to keep jinx and negative energies away increasing your magical potential

✓ BOOK 2: HOODOO CANDLE MAGIC - An eye-opening manuscript to draw from the vast power of candles, learn the meaning of the flame behavior and achieve your most heartfelt desires

  • The real meaning of candles and why they conceal a power just waiting to be disclosed
  • Everything about the magic of candles: relationships with colors, moon phases, and how to dressing for boundless magical power
  • Step-by-step guides to creating your own candles imbued with magical power and followed guided rituals to influence reality according to your desires

No matter the culture that you come from, or your cultural background and experience in this topic, you will find your way just by choosing the right guide for you. The important thing is to be ready and receptive to reach the quality of life that you deserve...

Ready to unlock the lost world of hoodoo folk magic? Make the only choice your mind and body deserve - grab your copy today!
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