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How to Manifest: Make Your Dreams a Reality in 40 Days (A Manifestation Book)

How to Manifest: Make Your Dreams a Reality in 40 Days (A Manifestation Book)

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How to Manifest: Make Your Dreams a Reality in 40 Days (A Manifestation Book)

Laura Chung
Publisher: Sterling Ethos
September 2022

EAN: 9781454946410
ISBN: 1454946415

Synopsis: An empowering 40-day plan for manifesting your dreams, each entry in this manifestation book is accompanied by an exercise that builds on the previous one. By the end, you'll see what you hoped for embodied in the real world!

Manifestation is a wildly popular concept emphasizing the strength of personal power in bringing your deepest desires into the realm of the physical. Put simply: what you dream, you can achieve. Wellness educator Laura Chung charts a 40-day plan for manifesting dreams, filled with the most essential information you'll need to get started (an intention, a blank journal, and this book!). Her techniques include: intention setting, meditation, and ritual to connect to your inner wisdom for guidance. You will learn how to craft your own story through the practice of scripting and create an abundance mindset through inspired action and writing in a manifestation journal.

How To Manifest is a step-by-step guide on how to love yourself and manifest your perfect life. An accessible, yet comprehensive, guide for a concept you may only have heard about as a hashtag, but one that will offer you limitless potential for growth. The book includes many of the specialized, trendy practices that make modern manifesting special, including the 369 method, scripting, a 4-step journaling technique that allows you to change the timeline of your life, a guide to vision boards, and other ways to visualize your dreams taking shape in reality.

For fans of The Secret books and other law of attraction books, How to Manifest will be a welcome addition to their manifestation book collection. Certain to be one of the top self-care gifts of the season!

Hardcover; 240 pages; 8 in H by 6 in W.
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