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Life Remains

Life Remains

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Life Remains

Niranjan K
September 2021

EAN: 9781393662280
ISBN: 1393662285


In a world where vampires rule, a group of humans struggle to live their lives.

Mabel whose parents were killed by vampires is forced to be the ward of Frederick, one of the vampire leaders. When her latent powers as a witch are awakened, she becomes a threat to the vampires.

Ken, a hunter, has to balance his desire to help people with his desire not to antagonise Frederick. When he chooses to help Mabel, he finds himself heading towards a confrontation he doesn't want, and a secret about himself he didn't know.

Luke and Clint who find themselves trapped in a situation where the adults in their life have no say in the face of Frederick's claim on them. When Ken offers to help them and disappears shortly after, they are ready to turn to anyone who isn't Frederick.

With secrets and hidden powers threatening the status quo, both humans and vampires have choices to make. Will they plunge the world into another conflict or do they finally learn to accept one another?

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