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Menopause the Healthy, Happy Way: Nutrition for Change and Growth

Menopause the Healthy, Happy Way: Nutrition for Change and Growth

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Menopause the Healthy, Happy Way: Nutrition for Change and Growth

María Tránsito López Luengo
Publisher: Skyhorse
June 2016

EAN: 9781510705555
ISBN: 1510705554

Synopsis: Yes, you can feel fantastic during menopause! Feel great just by following a few simple lifestyle rules. Eating, exercising, and sleeping well are keys to healthy living at any age, but these and other concerns are even more important during menopause. This guide will set you on the path to wellness and happiness as you embark on this journey.

We have been led to believe that menopause is a kind of disorder, but it is not. It is just a new period in the life of every woman--a time when your body and personal life are changing. Hormonal imbalances experienced during menopause can lead to certain difficulties and inconveniences, but you can still live life to the fullest and find your own joy. In this book, you'll find the guidelines for adapting to this new stage and discovering its many wonders. Among other things, you'll learn all about:

Relieving hot flashes
Sleeping well
Addressing emotions and mood swings
Enjoying a full sex life
Keeping skin and bones in good health
Nutrition for your changing body
Maintaining a happy, healthy heart
Helpful information and advice on physical changes, eating right, and staying fit make this book a must-read for women who are entering menopause and ready to embrace a new chapter in life.
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