Modern Runes: Discover the Magic of Casting and Divination for Everyday Life
Modern Runes: Discover the Magic of Casting and Divination for Everyday Life

Modern Runes: Discover the Magic of Casting and Divination for Everyday Life

  • Helsdottir
  • Vervain
Publisher:Rockridge Press
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Unlock the incredible power of rune casting--ancient magic for the modern day

The practice of magic may be less common today, but it certainly hasn't been forgotten. Modern Runes shows you how to draw upon the wisdom inherent in these ancient symbols and bring the arts of runic divination and magic into your life.

Focused on the Elder Futhark--the oldest runic alphabet--this complete guide offers simple and straightforward ways to help you unlock the mysteries of runes and bring their power into the modern world. From choosing your rune set to navigating runic spreads to creating talismans, you'll discover everything you need to become a practitioner of this deeply spiritual art.

Modern Runes includes:

  • Runic history--Explore the origins of the runes as you dive into the history and mythology surrounding them, as well as how they were originally used.
  • Modern magic--Bring runic magic into the modern day with guides to casting, interpretation, and divination perfectly suited for today's practitioners, while remaining rooted in tradition.
  • Understanding the Elder Futhark--Master the meanings behind runes and discover how they can be cleansed, consecrated, charged, read--including reversed runes--and used in your day-to-day life.

Unlock the secrets of runes and make their magic a part of your day.

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