Modern tarot: The ultimate guide to the mystery, witchcraft, cards, decks, spreads and how to avoid traps and understand the symboli PB
Modern tarot: The ultimate guide to the mystery, witchcraft, cards, decks, spreads and how to avoid traps and understand the symboli PB

Modern tarot: The ultimate guide to the mystery, witchcraft, cards, decks, spreads and how to avoid traps and understand the symboli PB

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If you dare look deep inside the workings of your very being and uncover the secrets of your future, then read on...

Do you have a life-changing decision to make, but you're afraid that things might not turn out the way you had hoped?

Are you torn between two different choices that will have a great impact on your life but feel stuck trying to decide which of the two is best for you?

Or maybe you're yearning to figure out why your life hasn't been going according to plan and need insight on how to turn the tides for the better?

The answer to all of your most profound questions and wildest reflections lie in the realm of the occult.

Being uncertain or indecisive about the future has always been a taunting part of human nature--no-one likes being in the dark, especially in matters that we hold most dear to our hearts.

Whether we're jumping into a new and exciting relationship, making an important career choice, or deciding on the next huge investment, we always find ourselves with more questions than answers: Will it work? Is it worth the sacrifice? Do I really want to take that kind of risk?...

We never liked the horrifying sense of helplessness that comes from not knowing what the future holds--our ultimate desire has always been to feel safe and in control of our decisions' outcomes.

Some lucky people have found a way to fulfill that very desire and--rest assured--nothing stops you from being one of them!

Exploring the tarot's vast wisdom may be precisely the thing you need to overcome this fear of the unknown, and learn the secrets you need to venture through life armed with the security of knowing what to expect and when to expect it.

In Modern Tarot, you will discover:

  • A way to uncover your deepest inner workings so you never have to make a decision you will regret ever again
  • The secrets behind the most important symbols in the tarot cards and how to effectively interpret them to go through life with a sense of empowerment
  • Why colors and numbers in tarot decks are a fantastic means to get a more revealing telling, and how you could let them guide you on the best path to getting what you want
  • How to avoid falling into the traps of general misconceptions regarding the tarot making the best out of your divination experience
  • Why asking the right questions is of primordial importance and how to formulate them to get the best results
  • An in-depth guide to the meaning of each tarot card and the way it can guide you in your revelations
  • The extraordinary connection between tarot and magick, and how you can go beyond divination to cast spells that will completely transform life as you know it

And much more.

You don't need to be a psychic to make effective use of the Tarot. True tarot is symbolism; with a little trust in your intuition and the right guidance, it will reveal to you precisely what you need to know when you need to know it.

Tarot isn't evil, and you hold absolutely no risk in practicing it--it simply is a deck of 78 cards with imaginative images printed on them. Evil does not reside in the pieces of the cardboard, it is a distinctly human trait.

What you do with the insight you get is solely for your personal growth.

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