Practical Magick for the Solitary Witch (3 in 1): Starter Kit of Modern Witchcraft: Wicca, Hoodoo, Folk Magick, Prayers & Protection Magick; Manifesta
Practical Magick for the Solitary Witch (3 in 1): Starter Kit of Modern Witchcraft: Wicca, Hoodoo, Folk Magick, Prayers & Protection Magick; Manifesta

Practical Magick for the Solitary Witch (3 in 1): Starter Kit of Modern Witchcraft: Wicca, Hoodoo, Folk Magick, Prayers & Protection Magick; Manifesta

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Interested in practicing witchcraft and performing magick to gain & rid whatever you want in life?

Always wanted to cast a powerful spell to manifest abundance?

Tired of having a vague understanding of wicca & witchcraft?

What about feeling attacked, cursed, or constantly having bad luck?

Yes? Then look no further and prepare yourself for an exciting journey that will lift you to new heights.

This 3 in 1 witchcraft bundle holds the truth about Magick and Witchcraft.

Magick is something ANY human can partake in to receive the many beautiful benefits & gifts it can provide.

Did you know that you can create a mojo bag with simple & basic ingredients to invoke wealth, find true love, bless the home, offer protection, improve your health and happiness, plus more?

Right Now-- this PRACTICAL and magickal guide can improve your love life, career, health, overall happiness, receive ultimate protection, and to banish all negativity while breaking any curses you may have been cursed with.

Get ready to immerse yourself deep in the world of crystal, herb, and candle magick to create a life full of magick where you can rid what no longer serves you and also manifest exactly what you need.

Discover the many rewards of practical magick by learning:

  • Beliefs, History, and Traditions of different witchcrafts
  • Simple, yet effective modern day spells, practices, and rituals
  • How to make and use Mojo Bags to carry magick everywhere with you
  • Step-by-Step instructions to perform magick spells & rituals for Love, Money, Business Success, Luck, Protection, Third Eye Opening for Psychic Abilities, Self Love, Health & Healing and many more
  • Unhexing, banishing and eradication work
  • How to set up different altars and use all the conjurors magickal tools you would want to use
  • How to use the different types of roots, herbs, oils, candles, incense and waters
  • Maintain positive change and victory
  • Spot and stop bad curses and spells against you or a loved one
  • Cleansing rituals and spirit washes to cleanse yourself from unwanted energies
  • Protection and Reversal Magick with prayers & spells in a modern, spiritual & simplistic way to renounce all unholy ties, agreements, relationships and covenants that are working against your life and destiny

Regardless of your experience, this practical guide and extensive resource will give you everything you need to know, what you shouldn't do or believe, and help you start, build, and manage the lifestyle of using magick.

Being a witch is in your true nature and simply means being in a tight relationship with yourself and spirit for self-improvement, to control your own life and destiny, and potentially to influence the surrounding environment.


Ready to start your journey into a more magickal life? Then start now!

Where you will find over 100 simple spells to draw money to you, bring luck & love into your life, protect yourself from evil, improve your health, career, business and more.

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