Sacred Magic: Harper Shadow Academy (Book Five)
Sacred Magic: Harper Shadow Academy (Book Five)

Sacred Magic: Harper Shadow Academy (Book Five)

  • Pierce
  • Luna
Publisher:Kate Myers
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A powerless witch, four devoted mates, and a dangerous deal with the devil.

To find her way back to those she loves, Willow Oliver has to make the ultimate sacrifice. But with that, she loses way more than she realizes.

In a desperate attempt to focus on the good things left in her life, she devotes her time to helping those around her. If she distracts herself, maybe she'll forget all that she lost.

When she stumbles upon a way to potentially regain what is rightfully hers, she's unsure if she should risk everything one last time. Especially when no one else has ever been able to win this epic battle.

Can Willow overcome the many obstacles that come her way on this journey of redemption? And can she do so while balancing her academic and personal life, too? Or will she succumb to the quest and be doomed to an eternity in Hell?

For the Oliver witches, love is above all, and maybe for Willow, love is the key.

Sacred Magic is the fifth installment in a new adult paranormal academy why choose romance series full of determination, unconditional love, and daring risks.

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