The Magic of Destiny: Emerald Lakes Book Four
The Magic of Destiny: Emerald Lakes Book Four

The Magic of Destiny: Emerald Lakes Book Four

  • Andrews
  • Britt
Publisher:Independently Published
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I've been hearing that word a lot lately and my opinion on the whole thing hasn't mattered one bit. No, the stars have their plans and I've been consulted about it a whopping zero times.

Finally. I finally had all of my mates together. Yeah, that lasted an impressive two seconds and now one of them is gone. Does he want to be found? Or did he run?

On top of that, I have two siblings who have no idea I exist. My traitorous mother is on the run, Asrael is making moves, King Thane is making his presence known, and I'm seeing things again. Things that I shouldn't... terrifying things.

Tensions are building toward an epic explosion. I can feel it in my bones.

Fate has its own ideas and I can only hope defeating our enemies is on the agenda. Failure means one thing in this battle.


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