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The Practical Kabbalah Guidebook

The Practical Kabbalah Guidebook

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The Practical Kabbalah Guidebook

C.J.M. Hopking
Publisher: Sterling
June 2001

EAN: 9780806931210
ISBN: 0806931213

Synopsis: Ancient and mystical, Kabbalah plunges deep into the fundamental questions of existence: who we are and why we are on this Earth--which accounts for its renewed and widespread popularity with those from many religions and sacred paths. According to Jewish lore, God first taught the Angels, and Kabbalah's wisdom has influenced Christianity, sects such as the Rosicrucians, and even tarot and astrology. Make this system of knowledge and spiritual enrichment work for you, using this lushly illustrated and beautifully charted guidebook. Kabbalah's history and most profound secrets, from the multiple meanings of the Tree of Life to the steps on the Ladder of Light, unfold one by one. Many universes open up to you: Assiah, World of Experience; Yetzirah, World of Consciousness; Briah, World of Mind; Atziluth, World of Insight; and still more. Practical exercises such as meditations, chants, affirmations, and journal writing accompany the explanations and will immeasurably increase your understanding and spiritual well-being.

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