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The Secret Thoughts of Cats (1) (Secret Thoughts Series)

The Secret Thoughts of Cats (1) (Secret Thoughts Series)

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The Secret Thoughts of Cats (1) (Secret Thoughts Series)

CJ Rose
Publisher: The Collective Book Studio
November 2021

EAN: 9781951412234
ISBN: 1951412230

Synopsis: Unveil the inner world of your feline friend with this hilarious gift book--ideal for cat lovers who've always suspected their purring pals are plotting something.

For fans of the Grumpy Cat series, The Secret Thoughts of Cats brings the same humorous look into the feline mind, this time with endearing mischief and uproarious confessions.

Have you ever wondered what your furry feline friends are really thinking? Are you suspicious that--behind that calm demeanor--they are plotting to take over your life and make you bow to their every demand?

"Worship me as your ancestors did."

"For the last time, I am not a 'kitty cat.' I am a petite tiger."

"Sorry, but I can recognize farmed salmon a mile away."

Forget trying to read their minds, because in The Secret Thoughts of Cats those silent musings and devious plans are finally revealed. Get ready to laugh out loud when you discover just what your stealthy pals are really pondering.
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