The Witch's Inner Work Book Volume One: Forgiveness
The Witch's Inner Work Book Volume One: Forgiveness

The Witch's Inner Work Book Volume One: Forgiveness

  • de Cossy
  • H. C.
Publisher:Spiritthroughout Publishing and Artistry
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From lifelong eclectic witch and author H.C. de Cossy comes a workbook on forgiveness. Forgiveness is one of the gateways to happiness. H.C de Cossy offers you questions to ask yourself to help you take responsibility for your thoughts and forgive yourself, others, and the Divine. You'll be amazed at how much lighter and more free you feel when you truly forgive. And you might just see a shift in your life for the better because of it.

This book contains questions to help you on your path, as well as plenty of nice clean blank pages for you to write and draw on as you answer those questions. Be creative. Have fun with it. This is about the return to happiness, and happiness is fun.

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