Witchcraft for Beginners: A Basic Guide For Modern Witches To Find Their Own Path And Start Practicing To Learn Spells And Magic Rituals Using E
Witchcraft for Beginners: A Basic Guide For Modern Witches To Find Their Own Path And Start Practicing To Learn Spells And Magic Rituals Using E

Witchcraft for Beginners: A Basic Guide For Modern Witches To Find Their Own Path And Start Practicing To Learn Spells And Magic Rituals Using E

  • Lockhart
  • Diane J.
Publisher:Independently Published
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Let This Book Usher You Into The World Of Modern Witchcraft, Teach You How To Get Started As A Witch, And Hold You By The Hand Until You Are Able To Cast Spells And Magic Rituals Using Esoteric And Occult Elements Like Herbs And Crystals!

Many centuries later, the general attitude in people about witchcraft is negative - focusing on dangers and fear of the unknown.

But do you know that, historically, this craft was an occupation given to a desperate individual by a spirit; an occupation to heal, sell charms and recover stolen items? Magic offered a great recourse against restrictive church institutions, oppressive landlords, and neglectful communities. For some women- often widows, witchcraft was a job that kept them from starving.

Today, witches are able to do way beyond what was being done centuries ago. They bend fates in different areas such as love, wealth, general success in life; they also inspire and boost creativity, increase perception and intuition; they increase mental clarity, wisdom and self-awareness; they help despairing people achieve their goals in life and so many things that any person living in the modern world would need to improve their life.

So if you've ever desired to become a Witch and be able to accomplish all these magical deeds and countless more and change your life and that of people around you who need it, then you've made the right choice coming here.

But we have to face one fact: learning witchcraft can be overwhelming to an average beginner. And that might have been your worry all along.

But you know what?

This book is the perfect guide to get you started the right way, confidently and full of insight. It is meant to assist you find your path and be able to start learning spells and magic rituals with esoteric and occult elements such as crystals and herbs, and begin practicing witchcraft in no time.

If questions like...

Do you have to be mean as a witch?

Do you have to torment people using your craft?

Will you be flying with brooms?

How exactly can being a witch help you better your life?

How can you get started as a witch - what do you need and what do you need to learn?

How do you practice modern witchcraft?

And many others are going through your mind, this book is for you so keep reading.

More precisely, this book covers the following topics:
  • The basics of Witchcraft, including what it is, how it has evolved over the years, history of witches, types of witches, the mark of a witch, and more
  • What it means to practice witchcraft and how to practice it
  • Mistakes beginners always make in witchcraft
  • The first steps to becoming a witch: advice for beginners, including the skills you need and how to train your mind
  • Debunking the common misconceptions about witchcraft as it is practiced today
  • Core beliefs and practices found among various forms of the craft
  • Clear distinctions between Wiccan, traditional and eclectic paths
  • The ins and outs of eclectic witchcraft
  • Core concepts underlying the why and the how of magic
  • Top ten tips on how to start the right way
  • Common magical techniques, including invocation and the process of magic
  • Witchcraft spells and rituals

...And so much more!

Even if you've never thought of yourself as having the potential to become a Witch, this book will usher you into the world of possibilities of modern Witchcraft!

Are you ready to get started and learn more?

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