Witchcraft: This book include: Witchcraft for beginners, Moon Spells, Herbal Magic, Cristal Magic. Learn Rituals and Spells of Wic
Witchcraft: This book include: Witchcraft for beginners, Moon Spells, Herbal Magic, Cristal Magic. Learn Rituals and Spells of Wic

Witchcraft: This book include: Witchcraft for beginners, Moon Spells, Herbal Magic, Cristal Magic. Learn Rituals and Spells of Wic

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If You are eager to become a modern Witch and to learn the Witchcraft Moon Spells and know all the details about the Energy and Influence of the Moon in Wicca. Then, keep reading.

Witchcraft is made up of a spiritual system that respects a person's free will and the thoughts of the person, and it encourages people to understand and learn Nature and Earth, which helps to affirm the divinity of things. The most important thing is that it teaches responsibility.

Practicing Witchcraft begins with a lot of steps, from invoking, to initiation and then meditation, to changing nature energy and doing magic. The practice of magic is of ancient origin and is found all over the world.

The Moon Spells in this book can be used as a springboard to project your thoughts, you put your thoughts into action in an orderly manner. A spell creates an overall climate in your mind and is just a starting point to focus on what you want. For serious individuals who accept that there are things beyond the physical realm, the spells will be successful, as they have been for me and others who are like-minded.

The moon has been a source of inspiration to human kind, and it has always had a very impactful position in the lore of the world throughout a number of different cultures across the world and throughout our history.

Here some Tips of What you will discover:
  • A brief history of Wicca and its relation to today
  • Learn about the Witchcraft world in a simple and intuitive way
  • Identify the Wiccan ritual Tools and discover the secrets to use them to the fullest
  • Find out in this book how to reach Advanced Wicca
  • Discover Wicca and Magic
  • Wiccan clothing and ritual attire
  • Learn about the Gods and Goddesses in the Wiccan religion
  • Wicca: Book(s) of Shadows
  • Discover and learn so many Spells effectively and intuitively
  • Discover World of Wicca
  • Learn to channel the Energy of the Moon and Become familiar with the Power of The Individual Phases
  • Get to know The Eight Phases of the Moon
  • Moon magic of the lunar cycle
  • What Do Wiccans Believes
  • Life-Changing Moon Manifesting Visualization Strategy
  • Many Simple Spells and Rituals
  • ... AND MUCH MORE!!!

Even if you have never practiced the Wicca religion, don't worry, You will guide you to discover this magical world with a very simple approach.

Begin your Wiccan journey now, scroll to the top of the page and select the buy button.

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