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Bad Blood: The First Book of the Aphotic

Bad Blood: The First Book of the Aphotic

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Sometimes, the ties that bind can break you.

It's 1975, and nine-year-old Talia is not happy. Everything has been different since her little sister Alex came along. Since her dad left. Since all her mother's attention has been focused on anyone and everything but Talia.

It's definitely all Alex's fault. Talia hates Alex. She just wants things to be like they used to be. When her dad was home. When everyone cared about her. When there was no Alex.

Then she's given a book. One that's special. One that seems only for her. One that can help her take all her anger and frustration and rage and ... unleash it.

Now, Talia will make them all pay.

But everything comes with a price. And some things must be paid in blood.

"Seriously. F*ck this kid!" - Jennifer Dinsmore, editor of The Aphotic series

"Delightfully disturbing." - Eric Leland, author of Inhuman: A Supernatural Thriller

"Bad Blood hit me like a dark alley assault while walking through the streets of hell. Elliott pulls no punches and has zero problem scratching his razor-sharp nails down the chalkboard inside your brain. An alarmingly visceral assault on the senses, Bad Blood is a root canal without the gas that will make you squirm even as you greedily turn the pages for more." - Philip Fracassi, author of A Child Alone With Strangers

Tobin Elliott
Publisher: Luminous Aphotica Publishing
October 2022

EAN: 9781778262906
ISBN: 1778262902

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