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The Low-Carbon Cookbook & Action Plan: Reduce Food Waste and Combat Climate Change with 140 Sustainable Plant-Based Recipes

The Low-Carbon Cookbook & Action Plan: Reduce Food Waste and Combat Climate Change with 140 Sustainable Plant-Based Recipes

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The Low-Carbon Cookbook & Action Plan: Reduce Food Waste and Combat Climate Change with 140 Sustainable Plant-Based Recipes

Alejandra Schrader
Publisher: Alpha
June 2021

EAN: 9781615649891
ISBN: 1615649891


Discover how to reduce the carbon footprint sitting on your dinner plate

From the farmers to the delivery trucks and everything in between, there are countless people and processes involved in getting meat and produce from where they're made to your kitchen. This recipe book highlights the difficulties and pleasures of eating sustainably!

If you're looking for a way to combat climate change from your kitchen, this cookbook will help you with your goals. It includes:

- An introduction to the climate crisis and what the low-carbon diet is
- Expert tips and advice on how to eat a low-carbon diet
- Science-backed information on how to shop and cook smart by making the most-climate friendly choices
- 140 plant-based recipes made with fresh, wholesome, and seasonal ingredients that can help you lower your carbon footprint and foodprint

You may not think your food has anything to do with global warming, but in reality, the food industry has an undeniable impact on the environment and contributes one-fourth of our global greenhouse gas emissions. You can take a few small steps to help lower that number by introducing a low-carbon diet into your kitchen and life - and The Low-Carbon Cookbook will show you exactly how.

Determining a food's carbon cost can be difficult. From examining the impact of the supply chain for foods to evaluating the carbon footprint of various plant-based options, this cookbook shows you exactly how to make the most environmentally friendly food choices. Packed with over 140 delicious recipes made with sustainable ingredients, this climate-friendly cooking book will teach you how to calculate your footprint, reduce your meat and dairy intake, and eat seasonal and local.

- - -

"The Low-Carbon Cookbook is a welcome roadmap for home chefs of any level who care about the future of our planet and making conscious food choices. Alejandra Schrader blends detailed research with vibrant, delicious recipes that make eating a climate-friendly diet possible. With this delightful thought-provoking book, everyone can start making changes in how they eat today that will have a big impact on our planet tomorrow. In these times of climate crisis, this is a must-read for all who care about food, our climate, and all the living beings who share our planet." - Abby Maxman, president and CEO of Oxfam America

"When Alejandra writes about the relationship between the food we eat and the impact it has on the environment, she's not just doing it on a hunch--she's done the research and shares it in a way that's not polarizing or politicizing. By setting the table with food and facts, Alejandra provides anyone who cares about the food they eat with plenty of inspiration for creating meals that taste--and do--good." - Courtney Hazlett, executive producer and creator, Netflix's Restaurants on the Edge

"Our planet is in a crisis. Food systems are in a crisis. Rates of malnutrition--stunting and starvation and obesity--are on the increase. Many countries around the world have adopted farming and production patterns that are designed for convenient consumption and mass calories rather than the sustainability of the planet and good health. With more than 30,000 edible plants available on Earth, it's criminal we have come to rely on 3 crops for more than 60% of our calories. It's crucial we understand the relationship between nutrition and the health of our bodies--as well as planetary health--in order to care for our planet and to change food systems for the better. However, we can't talk about planetary health, food systems, and nutrition without discussing flavor, taste, and emotions! People connect with food because it nourishes not just their bodies but also their souls. Alejandra has the passion and emotion required to create beautiful recipes that speak to the soul as well as the knowledge and conviction to speak with authority on the need to reduce our carbon impact in order to sustain the planet while increasing our individual and collective health. In The Low-Carbon Cookbook, Alejandra guides us through how to choose and cook ingredients that reduce greenhouse gas emissions, with the ultimate goal of changing how we interact with food for the better--all while bringing her natural flair and talent for creating delicious dishes that encourage good food for all." - Paul Newnham, director of the SDG2 Advocacy Hub Secretariat and the Chefs' Manifesto

"What people eat affects all parts of their lives as well as life on this planet. It's not enough anymore to only consider nutrition, health, and enjoyment, but we must further consider climate, the environment, and the livelihoods of food workers and producers in all parts of the world. We must also do it knowing fully well that our choices impact people far removed from us, particularly through the effect on climate. The Low-Carbon Cookbook brings together a contribution of thoughtful ideas about how we can choose what we eat in a way that's not only good for us but also for other people, for our planet, and for our collective prosperity." - Dr. Agnes Kalibata, special envoy of the UN Secretary-General for the Food Systems Summit

"Good for my body and good for our planet--that's my mantra for deciding what to eat, cook, and buy. Lucky for us, Alejandra has taken the guess work out of making healthy, planet-friendly meals that are deeply satisfying. These creative and flexible recipes make it easy to be better citizens of the planet and shepherds of our health." - Mary Sue Milliken, chef and food systems advocate
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