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Vodou Shaman: The Haitian Way of Healing and Power

Vodou Shaman: The Haitian Way of Healing and Power

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Vodou Shaman: The Haitian Way of Healing and Power

Ross Heaven
Publisher: Destiny Books
November 2003

EAN: 9780892811342
ISBN: 089281134X

Synopsis: Goes beyond the stereotypes to restore Vodou to its proper place as a powerful shamanic tradition

- Provides practical exercises and techniques from the Vodou tradition that can be used as safe and effective means of spiritual healing and personal transformation

- Shows how to remove evil spirits and negative energies sent by others

- Written by a fully initiated Houngan (Vodou shaman)

Providing practical exercises drawn from all aspects and stages of the Vodou tradition, Vodou Shaman shows readers how to contact the spirit world and communicate with the loa (the angel-like inhabitants of the Other World), the ghede (the spirits of the ancestors), and djabs (nature spirits for healing purposes). The author examines soul journeying and warrior-path work in the Vodou tradition and looks at the psychological principles that make them effective. The book also includes exercises to protect the spiritual self by empowering the soul, with techniques of soul retrieval, removing evil spirits and negative energies, overcoming curses, and using the powers of herbs and magical baths.
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